Australian All Breeds Miniature Goat Society Inc.

INC#: IA41987
HEAD OFFICE: 833 Gatton Clifton Road, Ma Ma Creek. Qld. 4347

Association News and Events

The AABMGS will be holding shows throughout 2015. If you are new to exhibiting or would just love to come for an interesting day out, we are all here to help. It will be a very fun day with many years of goat breeding experience to have a chat to. The classes are flexible and there are many options for all breeders to enter. 

More Breeders are joining the society and helping it to grow. The ongoing support from all members is something we can not do without. Personally I would like to offer my thanks for all members, contributes and all those that have interest in the breed. It is always nice to meet people who share the same passions and loves as the rest of us here at the AABMGS. We look forward to talking to you all soon, keep in touch!